Hello you.
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Beautiful lady! I love Taylor Swift don’t even care!! πŸ‘Œ
Meet Franco. He’s free now, after I gave him a cuddle of course. Frogs love cuddles. #loljokes #ribbet
People still say “oh you’re still cut up over him leaving you?” hmmm yes! Wagga memories for life πŸ‘ #boyssuck #singleforlife #sttboyfrand
Scary movies with ma neighbours. #freshcutsfortheslutspatrice #djsaunders
Finding pictures of myself when I was 15 kilos lighter is rather depressing… Can’t wait to get back into training in a few months πŸ‘Œ
Happy 21st to the greatest friend life has given me!!! I’m so sorry i’m not there to party it up with you but in a few months I’ll be home and we can make up for lost time! I love you girlie!!! Have a fantastic day and an incredible night! @coreypavlovich take care of my girl (as usual)!!! ;) miss you guys so much enjoy your night!!!! @amienicholson 😘😘😘😘😘
Fresh sheets!!!! Now I’ll be the fresh prince of bed-yeah. Such bad jokes, time to curl up into bed! :D
I’ve been growing mine my whole life! Ladies please form a line!
Yummmmyy 🍐🍐🍐🍐
Dayum…. That right foot. πŸ‘Œfinally starting to go down now :)