Hello you.
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Harry Potter all day everyday!!!
Pancake breakfast and now a fruit ninja session. 👌
Ma family :) All buggered after spending nearly 4 hours at Edith Falls. Miss Chloe, @patrickcallery (Steve) and Ben. We’re just missing @jacksonsaunders1 💕❤️💚💜💙💛👌👌#familyday
Hell yes. Bought myself a new couch! :D
Mine left jacks right. Hmmmm challenge accepted #neighbours @patrickcallery @jacksonsaunders1
It’s October third guys!
Hicks t’ the licks! Came to see a Ben Affleck movie and Ty is one of four males in a cinema of nearly 100 people ha! #GoneGirl
Ma gurl is home from India/Brisvegas!!! Yeeeeew welcome home miss Chloe
Spending time doing things we’ve never done 👍 bucket list bruz! @tyron_houston19
Meet my bestfriend he’s super cultured @tyron_houston19